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Get App

Visit your Apple or Android app store on your tablet device, search for Yap Books and begin downloading. — You’ll also find the links below.


Get Account

Create your unique Reader ID and password, select a language and choose your preferred profile. — Reader, Creator or Teacher.

Reader ID


Get Started

To begin reading, choose a book by tapping the ‘Get Book’ icon. Once added to your reading list, open your story and press the play button. Read loudly and clearly towards your tablet and watch as each story comes to life!


Rory the rocket set off on his way to the moon.




Get Results

After reading any book, tap the ‘Star’ icon at the top of the screen. You’ll be shown stars, badges and scores of your reading session. To send these to a parent or teacher, tap the ‘Send’ icon at the bottom of the screen.


Home Accounts

  • Which reading profile do I choose?

    As a home reader you will choose the profile ‘Reader’, allowing you to access books at home and in the classroom.

  • Where do I find books?

    Either tap the ‘Add Book’ icon or the words Yap Library, you’ll be taken to our very own in-built library full of content.

  • What books are best for my children?

    Yap Books accommodates for lots of different age ranges and reading levels. Each book is categorised into folders and comes with very informative descriptions. You can also search for keywords in the search bar.

  • Where do I find reading scores?

    Tap on the ‘Star’ icon after reading your book and you’ll gain access to all your rewards and scores. You’ll see stars, badges and lots more.

  • How do I create my own books?

    When on the home screen, tap the ‘Pencil’ icon. You’ll be asked to enter a book title and then write your story. After you’ll have the choice to create anything you like with images, videos, transitions and more.

  • How do I access my child's reports?

    To access any child’s reading report, tap on their profile pic and tap the words ‘Send Report’. You’ll then receive a secure email with your child’s reports.

  • How do I join a classroom?

    To join a classroom head over to the settings, you’ll see a tab called ‘Classroom’. Tap on this tab and then tap ‘Join’, you’ll then be able to add in the unique classroom name that your teacher has provided you.

School Accounts

  • How come I can’t connect to the app?

    You will need to allow the following connections on your firewall.




  • How do I create a classroom?

    Head over to the settings and tap the Classroom tab. Then tap create classroom, you’ll be asked to enter a unique Classroom ID. Once done you’ll gain access to a PDF invite via email, send this to your pupils and let them join!

  • How do I set homework?

    Once you have pupils in your classroom, any book that is downloaded from the Yap Library will automatically end up in your reading list. Any pupil in your classroom will then be able to see and read the books you have set.

  • How do I access reading reports?

    To access any pupils reading report tap on their profile picture and then tap on the words ‘Send Report’. You’ll then gain access to your pupils reading reports via email.

  • How do I find books for my pupils?

    Yap Books caters for many different age ranges and reading levels. Each book is categorised into folders and comes with very informative descriptions. You can also search for keywords in the search bar.

  • How do I add pupils?

    You can send your personal Classroom ID to your pupils and they can join through their own accounts. Alternatively, tap the ‘Plus’ icon next to your profile picture, you’ll be able to create a pupil or find one who may already exist.

  • How do I close a classroom?

    When closing a classroom you must remember that all pupils will be kicked once it is closed. Head over to the settings and tap the ‘ Close Classroom’ tab.

Tips & Videos

Your app tutorials can be found in your settings area of the app. You can also access these below on our YouTube channel.



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