The Yap Books app is always improving & developing to make sure we are always accommodating every single one of our users from children, to teachers & parents. That’s why with all the close work we’re doing with schools around the UK & their valuable feedback. We have introduced a variety of new features that will begin to blow your mind!

It is very clear that most children these days can pick up an iPad & open an app without hesitation & most likely it is a parent or teacher who may need the help when it comes to navigating or using an app. That’s why we’ve introduced our new tutorials, it is now much simpler to find out what you need & where to find it, due to clever voice-overs & simple imagery.


One of our biggest additions for this new update is the introduction of the digital format for the homework book bag! With the opportunity for teachers to create their own unique classrooms & for pupils to join with ease. They can now manage each individual child accordingly. Not to forget to mention teachers can set a number of banded books for them to read at home either independently or with parents.

Yap Books has now also introduces folders for our library. It is inevitable that our library of books is going to keep growing & with this you need an easy way to find the story for you. That’s why with new educational content focusing on levelled phonics, rhyming, adventure stories & more, you can simply scroll through a number of new folders to easily access what you’re looking for.

With new & improved reading bar & enhancements, the app is now even quicker when it comes to responsiveness. Here at Yap Books we have tested our technology to its boundaries & further, allowing us to bring you the most accurate & reliable results, compared to any other product out there. Meaning each word is now being triggered instantaneously after being spoken aloud, even with the addition of real time assessment in motion.  Also with seamless animations, that trigger on demand, a child can enjoy a truly magical reading experience without the frustration of buffering or delay.

Last but not least, we have a whole new range of subscription packages to best suit you. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, child, or creative user, we will help tailor the best package for you, whether that’s to read, write, animate or assess.

Of course, Yap Books is still working & developing everyday, so make sure to keep your eyes out for any announcements in the coming months!

Oh! And remember, we’re like books. But better.