There can be many complications when teaching and learning to read through the methods of phonics. Without the involvement of sight words, context, punctuation and voice, phonics can become a rather ineffective method for young children. And with the ever-growing love for digital resources and solutions, it is clear children need a much more practical and interactive way to learn through phonics.


With traditional worksheets & resources lacking engagement & vocal interaction throughout their lesson plans, many children begin to switch off or find it incredibly challenging to obtain letters, words, and phrases at such an early age.


Unlike these traditional methods, Yap Books is perfectly blending both voice and technology, allowing children to experience a much more practical approach to phonics. This practical approach to speech development and language development means children are beginning to obtain a better understanding of pronunciation and sounding out when learning to read. This method has proved to keep children engaged for a longer period of time, whilst also improving comprehension, communication, spelling, and confidence in so many readers.


That's why Yap Books is proud to announce a new way of learning through phonics. With a brand new collection of voice animated phonics levelled stories to choose from, children are now encouraged to use their voice to learn phonetically.


Each book focuses on levels 1-6 within the UK curriculum, tackling challenges such as environmental sounds, blending and decoding, spelling, fluency, sounding out, and also phonemes and grapheme’s.


Each book will also produce immediate visual animations to help with sight words, as well as include appropriate voice-overs to help with instructions, guidance, encouragement, and most importantly, repetition.


This whole collection of phonics resources also relies on voice technology to create real-time reading assessment too, meaning a better way for teachers & parents to track their child's reading progression & phonetic development.


With a variety of different topics, characters, and storylines, there is something for every child on the Yap Books app. From travelling through space to playing the family-friendly game 'Eye Spy', kids will have the chance to experience ways of learning and playing through phonics like never before.


Download the Yap Books App today and try out the brand new collection of voice-animated phonics books;-


Keeping our kids learning!