There are many pros & cons to homeschooling children, but unlike today's homeschooling parents, most cases are done through well thought out planning & preparation. With the announcement of school closures, parents have had to step up without very little guidance, time or knowledge on where to even begin.


But what have parents learnt from this experience? And how is it affecting our children?


Many parents around the UK have first noticed the impact homeschooling is having on their relationship. Learning & teaching from home has given many parents the time to sit down & spend quality time together, meaning a closer & more open relationship between them both.


Due to this open & comfortable relationship, parents have also seen an increase in confidence, relieving children of less pressure to perform & more time to learn at their own pace.


All of this coincides with a better-tailored curriculum set by parents. With less formal curriculum guiding their education, parents can begin creating lessons & resources that encourage what their children are good at & begin implementing it into other subjects.


With very little time to find resources & come up with new lesson plans each day, parents & teachers have heavily relied on educational technology to provide a helping hand. A lot of the new digital teaching methods have allowed children to engage & interact with learning in new modern ways that intrigue their current digital hobbies.


Of course, many worry about the social aspect that homeschooling may cause, but it is clear that with social media, online platforms & simple digital solutions for communication, it's just as easy to make friends & stay connected.


In conclusion, many children have adapted to homeschooling education quickly. Experiencing a boost in confidence, that most certainly is helping to produce better grades & results.


With digital tools & edtech solutions helping parents every week, we're confident in saying many children may never return to school due to the impact homeschooling has had.


Do you agree? Has homeschooling been a success or a struggle? Have you seen an increase or decline in your child's educational progression?


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