Yap Books launched early at the start of 2019 and wow, what a year it has been. This new way of reading certainly impressed a number of different industry professionals after receiving 8 short-list nominations last year.

Yap Books was lucky enough to take to the stage numerous times, receiving five prestigious winner awards for a variety of different categories. The first of many was the ‘GESS Awards 2019’ that took place in the month of February, awarding us with the title of ‘Best Innovation in Education’. This award was a huge compliment for the product & our team, knowing that after two months of launch we were heading in the right direction!


The next award night soon came round, calling itself ’The Techies 2019’ which happened to take place in London on the 9th of May. We made sure to dress to impress as we were representing the rest of our hard working team here at Yap Technology. On arrival their were plenty of industry professionals, all here for the same outcome. The time finally arrived as we all took our seats in the large futuristic hall. Each category being called one by one, until reaching ours, ‘Best Mobile App of 2019’. To hear the judges mention how impressed they were with the introduction of voice technology within children’s educational improvement & development, it soon became clear we would be walking to the stage. Once our logo appeared on screen & Yap Books was called, we jumped up to pick up the award, which soon followed a free bar taking our celebratory drinks to the next level.



We had plenty of time to recover from our win as our next invitation to the ‘GO:Tech Awards’ informed us to attend on the 21st of November in Bristol. This bow-tie event sure delivered, with free champaign on arrival. We then we taken to our table & were introduced to the event & our three course dinner. It wasn’t long until Jason Bradbury whizzed in on a hover board announcing his arrival & the all important awards. Once again, our category was called & we eagerly sat on the edge of our seats.


“Despite only being less than a year old, this company impressed the judges with its voice activated animation technology which has improved the lives of children across the UK.”

Here was number three of 2019! We couldn’t believe it, we soon rushed the stage with the opportunity to receive the award off Jason. He shook our hands & congratulated us on all of our success before taking a picture to capture this unbelievable success.


Yap Books was on a roll, three awards for our first year was an achievement we truly couldn’t be happier with. That was until arriving home we received to emails back to back, inviting us to the ‘UK App Awards’ & ‘Learning Technologies Awards’ on the 26th & 27th of November. So, we turned the car around & headed to London to finish of the year.



First was the ‘UK App Awards’. The bow-ties were back out to make an appearance & with this, the Youtube video tutorials & 30 minutes of struggling to get them tied before the event. However, once this was accomplished it was time to make it number four! The event was a lovely under ground venue, with champaign, a large turn out & beautifully decorated tables. We took our seats & soon began conversing with our table, each member there for a good night & with the drinks steady & our bellies full, it was time to win an award!

“This is an amazing platform for youngsters to use. Using a brilliant child friendly design the app is bringing books to the young. We were impressed by the ingenuity of the whole system. An extremely unique concept compared to anything else in education."

We leaped for joy, bouncing up from our seats & over to the stage. This time a speech was required & who doesn’t practice it in the mirror from time to time? It was an honour to inform everyone of our efforts & the dedication all of our team members put in helping thousands of children around the UK.



After a much needed sleep from all the victory dancing, it was time to see if we could make it five! The youtube tutorials were back on & the shirts were ironed. We arrived at the event to be greeted with more champaign & smiling faces from attendees & staff. We were taken to our tables were a full comedy routine was performed & food served promptly. It was time..


“The judges were especially impressed by Yap Books’ close collaborations with teachers and schools and that children can create and share their own stories and pictures on the app – making this a very exciting learning aid! The Winner is.. Yap Books!”

We’d done it! Number five! It was an incredible feeling. Knowing that all of our hard work, determination & passion had been so widely noticed. All of this recognition allows us to truly believe in this product & the impact it is providing around the UK & with this exposure we can begin helping more teachers, parents & children day after day.