It’ll come at no surprise that last year was a challenging time for so many people around the UK, however, for children and families in hospitals and care facilities it has been an even bigger challenge to stay positive and keep their children smiling and laughing each and every day.


The incredible and inspirational ‘Theodora Children’s Charity’ is a fantastic organisation that believes all children deserve laughter and love at any stage of their life. Sending out professional performers to hospitals and care facilities to help spread laughter, love and joy to so many brave children coping through challenging times.

Each visit offers an unforgettable impact on a child and their family, offering exciting social interactions and games through play! With these 15 to 30 minute sessions, children can finally forget their anxieties and stress as they laugh and play with the fantastic Giggle Doctors!


Due to the impact of COVID-19, these visits have been put on hold, meaning the charity has had to find new digital ways to reach out and support children in care.

The team here at Yap Books took no time at all, reaching out and offering a helping hand to this fantastic cause, knowing that we had all the knowledge, experience and digital skills to make a real difference for thousands of children and families in care around the UK.


That’s why Yap Books is proud to announce our very first collection of ‘Giggle Doctor’ voice-animated stories, they’ll be bringing new ways for children to experience the same laughter, love and interactions they experience in hospitals but through responsive digital play and voice technology.


Our first ‘Theodora’ story ‘Let’s Play’ is now live on the Yap Books App, bringing the famous Dr. Teapot, Dr. Geehee and Dr. Whoopee to life in a brand new interactive game of ‘Hide and Seek’.


It was lots of fun creating and illustrating each character as we learnt all about their colourful outfits, quirky characteristics and the daily activities. We made sure to make the digital characters as accurate as possible, providing children with familiar faces to learn and play with, whilst visitors continued to tackle restrictions.


The script soon followed and it was most certainly fun creating different scenarios and adventures for the giggle doctors to explore. We knew we wanted to include the giggle doctors manic and mischievous behaviour as it shined through each one of their characters, proving to make children laugh again and again. This led us to creating a story that showed more of the giggles doctors lives and giving children a chance to escape from reality as they explore Dr Teapots house in a fun game of hide and seek.


Due to the difference in age and interests, we knew this story had to appeal to a whole range of children. It had to be impressive and age appropriate to grab the attention of the older children. Our team at Yap Books got to work, creating 3D scenery and objects to bring brand new immersion to each and every word, allowing any child to explore a new world of fun and adventure through voice.


Watch for a sneak peek! —


With each download and purchase of the new ‘Giggle Doctor’ story, the Theodora Children’s Charity will receive 100% of the proceeds to help support the fantastic work they produce each and every day.


All you need to do to offer your help is download the Yap Books app today on your Apple or Android tablet, head over to the Yap Books Library, choose the ‘Theodora’ folder and then tap ‘Get Book’ to make your donation.



Alternatively, you can make a generous donation today by visiting the ‘Theodora Children’s Charity’ website below —


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