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Bring the award-winning Yap Books app into your classroom today, and experience a revolutionary new way to grow children’s love of reading and learning with voice-animated books.

Educational app of the year 2019

The  Knight  took  his  sword  and  with  a

Voice Animation

Books that get better with every word

Using voice technology Yap Books is changing story-telling forever, introducing a new world of reading through sights, sounds and speech! Each book offers endless learning interactions with stories that are perfectly in time with the readers words and imagination.


Voice Learning

Books that build confidence

Meet  Yap  the  dog.  Yap  likes  to  play  football

With a much more practical and engaging approach when learning to read, children can finally begin growing and developing with their voice. — Creating much more confident, capable and fluent readers.

Rewards & Learning

Learning through play & reward

3 Badges

To encourage children to read more Yap Books includes a range of in-built reading badges, certificates and stars, so children can challenge themselves time & time again.



Yap® Library

A library in your classroom

Reading has never been so much fun! With our very own in-built Yap Books Library, choose from a range of phonics, banded books, word games and more and begin your digital learning journey today!

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Smarter Learning

Books that help children learn

With real-time reading reports, each child is able to receive valuable reading feedback, helping to improve their skills as they progress through our stories.



Connected Learning

Learning that's connected

With Yap Books’ real-time reading assessment, teachers can stay connected to their pupils remotely. Introducing new ways to access better insight and involvement into their pupils reading abilities and progress.


Toby's Reading

Your reading report is ready.

Blended Learning

For everyone

Our seamless, blended learning technology makes it so simple for parents and teachers to support their children inside and outside of the classroom. With reading reports and homework that can be sent by tap of a button, no child will ever be left behind when learning to read.

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