Say Hello to voice-animated smart books

Say Hello to voice-animated smart books

Yap® Books

Educational app of the year 2019

Say hello to Yap Books. An award-winning educational app, where children magically bring stories to life as they read and where learning gets better with every word.


With voice-technology, children can now become part of stories like never before! Triggering sights, sounds and animations, with their voice. Creating a reading experience that is completely in time with their words and imagination.

A New Chapter For Books

Not here, Yap Books come to life with voice, giving children the freedom to read aloud, helping to develop communication, speech & language skills, all whilst enjoying the magic of voice-animated stories.


Yap® Library


Written Books

Our range of learning materials have been carefully planned and prepared by teachers, ensuring that they each address the key skills required for all children. All books include a high level of interactivity and reader participation and focus on the building blocks required in any child's reading journey.

Phonics &
Early Years

Word Games
& Language

Our range of phonics books are designed to encourage children to read aloud, helping to effectively develop pronunciation, fluency & sounding out. Learning phonics has never been easier and more effective.

With our words games, children can now begin learning quickly & effectively with immediate scores and badges making learning more fun and rewarding. With a variety of topics, genres & interests, children can challenge themselves at their own pace time and time again.

Decision Making
& Comprehension

With Yap Books decision making stories Children can now start to develop their reasoning and problem solving. With voice-controlled books Children can undertake learning at their own pace from books that are purposely designed to help improve overall comprehension and understanding.

& Problem Solving

With the introduction of mathematics to our range, readers will be challenged on both their mathematical thinking and literacy skills. With visual, audio & interactive challenges, children are now able to develop their problem solving in a very unique and effective way.

& Engagement

Our fictional books are designed to take readers on unbelievable adventures, with interactive characters, scenery & sounds all in time with a child's voice and imagination. We’ll have children engaging with astronauts, aliens, animals, cars, buses, crazy characters & more!


Learning is so much smarter with Yap Books. Providing reading performance insights, support & guidance to each individual reader, for a more rewarding & responsive reading experience.

Book Smart

With smart reading features such as instant reading feedback. Yap Books helps to develop and advance a child's reading progress, in a very smart and efficient way.


Listening & Learning

Yap Books offers a more connected approach to learning, With in-depth reading reports which can be sent to teachers, pupils and parents, it’s never been easier to connect classrooms to homes and include everyone involved in a child's reading journey.


Connected Learning



Creating animated stories has never been so simple, with our Yap Book Creator. Children can challenge their imagination, creativity and their digital skills with in-built animating tools, then experience them come to life with their voice.


  Yap® Creator


'Educational app of the year'


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Say Hello to voice-animated smart books